the story so far...

Boyhood friends Mike and Byron are the founders of Pumphrey and Weston. The business began after the two craftsmen decided to use their engineering, Computer Aided Design and wood working skills to design and build a Shepherd's hut in Byron's garden one winter.  After enjoying the experience so much and receiving much positive feedback, they decided to build traditional style Shepherd's huts for the public to purchase.  We have 12 build slots a year, and focus on high quality low quantity. Both Byron and Mike are involved in every step of the build, and an immense amount of pride is taken in their work to ensure every Shepherd's hut is of the highest standard.


The Pumphrey and Weston Philosophy

 Our goal is to produce extremely high quality, affordable shepherd’s huts using locally sourced materials.  We are adamant on keeping the design, materials and proportions of our Shepherd's huts as close to that of the traditional huts of the 18th and 19th century whilst keeping them practical for our customers varied uses. 



  • We use Sustainable Timber- All our Planed and tantalised timber has a PEFC chain of custody certification, so that we can ensure it can be traced back to certified forests.

  • We provide Eco-friendly insulation (Earthwool made from recycled bottles or Therma-Fleece sheep's wool insulation).

  • We use paint with Low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).

  • We recycle our recyclable waste.

  • Promote the use of off-grid builds, with solar panels and compost toilets.

  • Nearly all our Products come from local suppliers in and around the South West, which is great for the local economy and also a reduced ecological footprint due to fewer greenhouse gases being burnt in the transportation of the goods.

  • We have gone paperless – Quotes, invoices etc all via email.


pop in to the workshop

We are based near Withiel in North Cornwall in a workshop converted from a barn. We would welcome any one to pop in and have a chat about Shepherd's huts and what we do. We love to talk about shepherds huts and would be more than happy to chat about how we can work with you to create your dream hut.

Mutts and Huts

Left to right : Doug, Tamar, Rolo the Dog and Pops

Left to right: Doug, Tamar, Rolo the Dog and Pops

We have a collection of dogs, which neither of us own, that help us get through each day!